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First Class degree leads to engineering role with Heathrow

First Class degree leads to engineering role with Heathrow

Asad  Parkar

The links that Brunel have with industrial companies are second to none. The staff are supportive and challenging and always push you to do your best!

Asad, Undergraduate, Alumni

Engineering Resilience Partner, Heathrow Airport Ltd.

Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics MEng - 2019

From UK

Tell us about your educational and/or career journey since you graduated from Brunel?

I’m currently working as an Engineering Resilience Partner at Heathrow Airport. This is a role I started in October 2021 after completing a two-year Engineering Graduate Scheme. As part of my role, I look at asset contingency planning, writing resilience plans, exercise coordination and delivery etc. I do this (along with my manager) for all the engineering assets at the airport! As you can imagine, there’s a lot of them and you get to learn so many new things every day. It’s a truly challenging yet enjoyable role and I’ve developed so much knowledge and experience since I’ve been in the role.

During my time at Heathrow, I’ve gained exposure in various areas including Engineering Operations and Resilience, Airside and Terminal Engineering, Water Services, Technical Services and Rail. It’s been a whirlwind three years so far but what a great learning experience it has been - I couldn’t have asked for a better place to learn and work.

What does a typical day at work involve for you?

Each day is unique and different and so are the challenges with each engineering asset you look at! It's really exciting that each day is different and that makes it incredibly rewarding. For example, one day could be office based with meetings and collaborating with colleagues, and the next day you could be out and about around the airport looking at a variety of assets. It’s really unique and you get to learn something new every day from other people and it’s an excellent working atmosphere. It’s an amazing place that I feel lucky to be working at!

What’s been the highlight of your career journey so far?

The people. Honestly, the people are what makes Heathrow such a great place to work, plus the fact that it’s one of the world's busiest airports! I've met so many new people during my three years so far and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. In addition, the Engineering Graduate Scheme has been very rewarding and it takes into account your strengths, passions and interests. This is great as I got to tailor my placements according to where I wanted to go and learn.

How would you say your Brunel experience has helped you to get where you are today?

They have always supported me in all the different things I have done and wanted to do! The links that they have with industrial companies are second to none. The staff have been supportive and challenging and always push you to do your best! Some of the projects I have done have also been industrially relevant!

Why did you choose to study at Brunel and why would you recommend Brunel to others?

Because of the excellent links, support and the fact that it is known around the world as an Engineering University. It is a campus university with everything you need within walking distance and it’s located close to central London. I would definitely recommend Brunel - coming here was one of the best decisions I ever made!

What is your best memory of studying here?

All the people I've met along the way and the long-lasting friendships that I have made! I know that some of these people will be friends for life! I have also had lots of fun in all the extra activities and volunteering that I have done throughout my time here!

If you could give one piece of advice to current Brunel students, what would that be?

Get involved! Try and do as much as you can in your time here. That could be anything from part-time jobs to volunteering to sports to societies and much more! There is something at Brunel for everyone! You are here to study but you are also here to have fun, so enjoy!

What would be your top tip or key advice for new graduates as they begin their career journey after leaving Brunel?

Don't worry and don't stress! Things will always work out in the end - just be eager to learn! Just be yourself and be confident in your own capabilities. The world is your oyster and nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it! And no matter what happens, "just keep swimming!"