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AI in the boardroom: adoption at executive levels

Professor Ashley Braganza, Dr Weifeng Chen and Dr Gurdeep Singh Kohli from Brunel University London were invited by APPG AI Chairs Stephen Metcalfe and Tim Clement-Jones, to present their preliminary research findings about 'AI in the boardroom: adoption at executive levels'. 

The evidence presented by Professor Braganza and his team is based on an in-depth survey with board members and middle managers of larger organisations – those with 250+ employees. Of the 975 responses collected, 60% of the sample operates in the UK only; the others have a locus of operation in the UK and the EU or the UK and internationally.

"Our preliminary data analysis suggests significant perception gaps between board members and the rest of the organisation on a range of issues, including AI strategy, effects of AI on #empoyeemorale and #AIAdoption. Board members and middle managers agreed that insufficient work is being done on AI Ethics" - mentions Professor Braganza. 

Overarching consensus among participants was that board members will have to learn to tackle some major issues emerging from AI. The questions of cybersecurity, HR management, ethics, accountability, transparency, liability, and more were also raised. The event was organised by Big Innovation Centre. 




Reported by

Dr Eliza Kania (Journal Manager and Research Communications Officer)