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How you can help

There are a number of ways in which staff and students can support our enhanced cleaning measures.

This page details some ways in which the community can help protect each other from the spread of Covid-19.

Hand cleaning and disinfecting

  • Washing hands remains the most effective method of removing germs from our hands and restricting the spread. Posters have been paced in every toilet and washroom to guide staff in the correct hand-washing technique.

  • Staff should regularly use hand sanitisers positioned at building entrances, on arrival and exit. Members of staff who travel on public transport should wash and disinfect their hand on arrival on campus.

  • Disinfectant wipes should e collected from nearby stations and used to disinfect all workspaces before use.

Clean desk policy

  • All staff should keep their workspaces clear of everything but essential equipment. This will enable our cleaning teams to disinfect surfaces effectively. If workspaces aren't clear, cleaning staff may not be able to disinfect the area.

Binless offices

  • To assist the cleaning team in social distancing and to protect the environment, the University is moving away from traditional office desk bins and replacing them with an easily accessible communal waste area.

  • Previously, desk bins were emptied by the cleaners every day and the collected waste was sent away as general waste, but our observations have shown that around 80% of this waste could be recycled. Introducing communal waste and recycling points will encourage people to segregate their recycling from their waste, allowing us to recover more recyclable materials.

Waste PPE

  • Please place your used PPE in the general waste bins provided. Our general waste bins are checked regularly throughout the day and the waste is incinerated to produce energy.