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Update on Covid-19 cases

These figures show the number of reported coronavirus cases at Brunel 

As at 5pm Monday 29 November. 

Current cases - Those in isolation after a positive test.

  • Students: 7
  • Staff: 5
  • Total: 12

Total cases - All reported cases since 21 September 2020

  • Students: 373
  • Staff: 168
  • Total: 541


What does this data include?

Figures represent positive confirmed cases that have been reported to us. We will update the figures weekly with data from the previous week. 

'Current cases' are those in isolation following a positive test. 'Total cases' are all confirmed cases reported since 21 September 2020. 

This also includes the numbers of staff and students who have received a positive test result at our asymptomatic testing site which was open Monday 30 November to Monday 14 December, and has again been open since Wednesday 6 January.

We have around 3,800 staff members, and typically have a student body of around 16,000. 


How we are working to keep everyone safe

What is the process for staff if they suspect they have Covid-19?

If you do have symptoms and suspect it’s Covid-19 or if you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID 19 or who has symptoms, please follow the latest government guidance and tell your Line Manager, who will complete the process outlined below and in this Internal Track and Trace Form.

  • If you have tested positive for Covid-19: Report this to your line manager immediately and complete the Internal Track & Trace Form and email it to healthandsafety@brunel.ac.uk,  terry.vass@brunel.ac.uk and your Associate HR Business Partner as other colleagues may need to be contacted and deep cleaning arranged.
  • If you or someone in your household has been in contact with someone with Covid-19 Report this to your line manager immediately and complete the Internal Track & Trace form.  If you have been double vaccinated, you do not need to self-isolate, but if you haven't, you will need to follow current Government guidance and seek advice from the NHS 111 helpline.  You will not be able to return to work on campus until you have the completed the required self-isolation period or you receive a negative result from a Covid-19 test.
  • If you have suspected Covid-19 symptoms: Report this to your line manager immediately, and book a PCR test. You will need to self-isolate until the test result is known, and take extra care to social distance and to use good hygiene.
    Your line manager will advise colleagues that you have been in contact with over the previous 48 hours that you may have coronavirus, are having a test and waiting for outcome of the test result. Please speak to your HR Business Partner, the Care First EAP team, your GP or the NHS if you have concerns.

What is the process for students if they suspect they have Covid-19?

All students are being asked to tell the university if they have symptoms of Covid-19 or have received a positive test by completing our Covid Reporting Task on eVision, or by emailing studentsupport@brunel.ac.uk

Students are also being encouraged to download the NHS Covid App.

Here is some guidance for students on how and when to self-isolate and you can find out about our support for students who are self-isolating here.

What is the University's policy if a member of the Brunel community tests positive for Covid-19?

If a student or member of staff tests positive for Covid-19 they will be immediately advised to self-isolate. If they are living in Halls of Residence, they will be asked to self-isolate in their flat for 14 days, along with any unvaccinated members of their household, in line with current Government guidelines. If members of the household are double vaccinated, they do not need to self-isolate unless they have symptoms. During that time, our support services will monitor all students impacted and provide food, drink and essential supplies.

We'll collect information about the individual's movements on campus in the 14 days before testing positive through a variety of methods – card access, track and trace in our catering outlets, lectures on campus, etc. Anyone who has been in close contact with the affected student or staff member will be contacted and if they are not double-vaccinated, they will be advised to self-isolate for 14 days.

The University will only contact those that have been in close contact. Staff and students that are not contacted directly do not need to self-isolate. 

How are we supporting our students as they self-isolate?

Our student support services will be in close contact with student flats as they self-isolate and supplying food, drink and other essential items during the 14-day period. Our academic services will ensure that students can continue their studies through our online platforms while in isolation.

How are we supporting our staff as they self-isolate?

Please show understanding and support to all colleagues; whether they are self-isolating, are in vulnerable groups, have vulnerable family members or feeling lonely or isolated.

Our Reward and Wellbeing site has lots of resources to support colleagues including free 24 hour support from Care First with counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, webinars and a dedicated area for line managers, plus mental health support from able futures and financial support from Neyber.

Additionally we have our Wellbeing Champions who are colleagues based across Brunel who can signpost you to support available both externally and through the university.

How have you made the wider Hillingdon community aware?

The University is working closely with the London Borough of Hillingdon and Public Health England, and following national and local guidance. We have informed Public Health England of the confirmed cases.

What is the University's policy if there is an outbreak of Covid-19 on campus?

We have worked with the London Borough of Hillingdon and Public Health England to plan for a number of scenarios should the local authority decide to take extra measures because of an outbreak of Covid-19 on campus or in the local area.

These range from our current approach to using campus, to closing the campus to everything except essential operations.

The safety and wellbeing of our community is our absolute priority and we work closely with the local authority and Public Health England to ensure we are following local and national guidelines. Students and staff will be alerted through our emergency alerts if necessary.

How are you informing staff and students of their responsibilities on campus?

We are working hard to ensure all of our new and returning students are aware of the importance of following Government guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. Information is available on Brunet, IntraBrunel and reflected in signage across campus, while reminders are being sent via our newsletters and social media posts.

Staff and students who register this year will be asked to observe our Community Pledge as part of the student Code of Conduct, setting out clear guidelines for our community during this time.