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Our community wellbeing

We recognise that this is an uncertain and worrying time for many of our staff.

Some of you might prefer working remotely, but others could feel isolated and lonely. The fact is that the Coronavirus has put us all in unchartered territory and now more than ever it's important to remember that it's ok to not be ok. Whatever your circumstances you are part of a community and support is always available to you.

Support and guidance

The last thing we want is for staff to feel anxious or overwhelmed and that’s why our Care First employee assistance programme is available 24 hours a day. It’s confidential, and it’s there for the big and the small stuff – the important thing is not to suffer in silence. Call 0808 168 2143 or visit www.carefirst-lifestyle.co.uk quoting ‘brunel’ as your username and ‘employee’ as your password. The NHS has information and guidance to support our mental health here.

Stay connected

It's important that none of us feel alone at such a challenging time, and even a relatively small thing such as a chat with a colleague can make all the difference to our wellbeing. Brunel has a variety of online tools to help staff keep in touch with their colleagues, from Zoom to Teams, and the University's new Homeworking hub on Yammer is another way in which staff have been staying connected.

Keep healthy

Thanks to Brunel Sport and the campus gym, staff are able to access a free 60-day trial with Les Mills On Demand, which has more than 800 workouts, including strength, cardio, high-intensity and dance. Click on this link to access the free trial. On the webpage click on 'Start Your Free Trial' and complete your details (including payment details). You will not be charged for the 60-day trial however it is your responsibility to cancel at the end of the free period or you will be auto-subscribed to the service.

Faith, spirituality and self-care

The Brunel Chaplaincy team are operating virtually, with support for anyone who is searching for prayer, inspiration or someone to talk to.

Working from home can bring new challenges. Learn how best to deal with them and take notice of the small things. Watch this video from Mental Health First Aid for some inspiration. Have a look at our self-care workshop for staff here for more support in prioritising self-care.