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Industry guest speakers shine a light on the legal side of brand management

Amanda Clay, Head of Brands at Telefonica, and a member of the Corporate Advisory Board for MSc in Applied Corporate Brand Management, has recently given a guest lecture entitled Legal Matters to students on the programme. The lecture, a part of a series of industry guest speakers enjoyed by students across postgraduate programmes in Brunel Business School, covered various legal aspects of brand management that future brand managers and consultants in marketing firms need to be aware of such as: licencing, intellectual property rights, copyrighting, and trademarking.

Amanda leads on all things brand for O2 and Telefónica across Europe. An expert on external and internal rebrand and cultural change projects, she recently led a 30,000 employee project that won four prestigious awards last year including; ‘The Best Change Communication Campaign’ at the European Excellence Awards.

Accompanying her as a co-speaker was Melissa Hall who is the Head of IP, Legal & Regulatory Team in Telefónica who supports the Brand and Marketing teams of O2 in the UK and is responsible for managing and protecting the O2 brand globally.

Students were very pleased to receive Amanda and Melissa, two heavyweights in their business, for a very special insight that truly illustrates the issues faced by executives in the field of marketing and branding in very practical terms, commenting:

“This workshop was extremely useful to me, I worked for two telecommunications companies for six years on strategic marketing areas and I was not sure how to make the transition to a branding career and how do telecommunication companies apply their branding strategies. Thanks to this workshop I have so much clarity about the industry practices.” Guadalupe Naquid 

“Since most of us know Amanda is a part of a corporate advisory board, it feels good she is giving us her time. One of the reasons I chose this course was because of the support by Corporate Advisory Board” Mohammad Sabeeullah