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Request for support


Co-Innovate collaborative company asks for your support

The London Museum of Water and Steam at Kew Bridge is a preserved water pumping station, built in 1838.  An independent museum, it houses a unique collection of steam powered “Cornish” beam engines, including the largest such engine still working in the world - our oldest engine was built by James Watt’s company in 1820 and is still run operated for school and public visits! 

We have entered a competition through the Aviva Communities Fund to pay for half-price entry tickets for everyone in our local community, so we can help inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.  There are many disadvantaged people in our neighbourhood who can’t afford to visit the museum, so this is really important to us and the community.  To achieve the donation from Aviva, we need to accumulate as many public votes as possible.

Please take the time to register and to vote for us and, once you’ve voted, please would you share as widely as possible on social media and email!  If you have multiple email addresses, you can vote more than once - ask you husbands, wives, neighbours, friends, colleagues to also vote for us and to also share!