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Science Park

Brunel Science Park offers companies the opportunity to work alongside one of the UK’s best technology universities, currently leading the way in a number of government initiatives to promote enterprise and innovation within British companies. We can help with business plans and raising finance, as well as providing specific technical support.

Brunel Science Park is a business start-up centre to attract people who would enjoy working in a supportive environment based at Uxbridge on the campus of Brunel University London.

We have flexible rent agreements and can provide access to the resources of the University. We particularly welcome tenants who may be able to interact with the University. The on-campus location means that all facilities are within easy walking distance, these include the restaurants, sports centre, library, bank and shops.

Our operation was established in 1986 and we have been active since then in attracting a range of tenants including new start-ups, and small, specialist companies as well as new spin outs from established, international companies. A number of our early start ups have since grown into large, successful operations.

We have flexible tenancy agreements designed to foster growth and a full range of business support services, including guidance on company formation, access to research and development funding, patent and trade marks, recruitment and training, market assessment and venture finance. Speak to us about your aims and objectives.


The Science Park at Uxbridge consists of three buildings, which have been erected on the edge of the campus of Brunel University.

Phase I

The first building was actually constructed by the tenant, The International Tin Research Institute, who paid the University a sum for a 99 year Lease of the land after which time the building and the land revert to the University. Construction of the International Tin Research Institute (now known as ITRI Limited) commenced April 1984 completed August 1985.

The money received for the Lease of the land as above was used to construct a building (known as Building No.1) for multiple occupancy, was capable of being partitioned into offices and laboratories. As tenants moved in the areas were adapted to their requirements. Construction commenced in November 1984 which was completed August 1985. These two buildings were Phase I of the Science Park.

Phase II

Phase II is the third building (known as Building No.2) which was financed by a mortgage and was built to the specification of the original tenant’s office requirement with one area to be let separately for five years after which time the main tenant had an option to take this area into their Lease. The recession led to the opposite whereby the main tenant gradually released their existing areas. This building now has three tenants, one of these being a tenant who outgrew their space in Building No 1.

HRH Prince Charles officially opened Brunel Science Park in 1986.

The Science Park over the years has evolved not only in what are known as the three science park buildings on a corner of the University campus fronting Kingston Lane, but wherever opportunities have arisen, as it has looked after and encouraged companies in other parts of the campuses, both at Uxbridge and Runnymed (known as the Science Centre) and therefore the Science Park is looked at conceptually rather than as a number of buildings. The companies at Runnymede have all been new companies and many of them have renovated their premises (formerly derelict).


Companies currently based at the Science Park include:

2iDesigns Ltd

2iDesigns is involved in innovation and technology consultancy and production. Services range from initial feasibility to sourcing manufacturing facilities in Europe and the Far East. The main focus is on medical devices and healthcare products, R&D, innovation and new product development.

Advasol Management Ltd

Advasol Management Ltd Advasol Management Limited are proud to be the suppliers of premium products and advanced solutions for the public and private sectors. Founded in 2003, to provide solutions for ever increasing problems of accumulating waste and diverting them from landfill and incineration. A dynamic and fully flexible company who are expanding horizons to serve hospitals, food and beverage plants, schools, retail and commercial property.

Bytesize Consulting Limited

ByteSize Consulting Ltd has proved its excellence in computer network installation, support & IT consulting services to small and medium sized businesses since 1998.


Information, advice and training to teachers, technical and local authority officers in science up to A-level and design technology.

Crestlink Ltd

Provides services and expertise to minimise risk and streamline the supply chain to close the gap between overseas suppliers and domestic manufacturers.

Creative Chemistry

Contract research and development in chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Crown Bio Technology Ltd

Crown Bio provides a series of portable diagnostic tools for the rapid screening of toxic materials in soil, water and food, as well as reliable and confidential advice and services for cases of industrial contamination.

Energen Limited

Provides consultancy services to medium and large sized companies. The scope of Energen's work includes the production of energy management reports, the purchasing of electricity and gas and undertaking energy surveys and energy audits.

Hypha Discovery Ltd

Hypha Discovery Ltd is a drug discovery company, using fermentation technology to discover novel biologically useful compounds from basidiomycete fungi (mushrooms).

iXscient Ltd

iXscient is a research provision and management services company with experience in planning, writing, winning and project managing major international research and development projects as well as conducting research in the fields of medical devices, micronanotechnology and computing, telecoms, optics and electronics.

Precious Cell International

Precious cells is the first family stem cell bank in the world which offers collection,processing and long term storage of stem cells.

Shift Soil Remediations

Shift soil specialises in delivering effective technologies for cleaning up contaminated soil. They harness a proven soil process tool with advanced chemical and biological remediation technology, to reliably treat and neutralise the contamination itself, without destroying the usability of the soil.

Sirax Limited

Research using the Internet.

V7 Technology Ltd

V7 develop, sell, and maintain software for digital dictation applications for both enterprises and smaller organisations.  Software for smartphones is marketed under the 'Yodal' brand name.

Zyomax Limited

Design and Manufacture of processing machinery for processing of light alloys such as magnesium and aluminium to improve the quality and production rate of components for industrial automobile and aerospace applications.

Space availability

Office space

  • Single or multiple offices available from 140 sq ft (13sq m) to 2550 sq ft (237sq m)
  • Flexible tenancy arrangements for start up companies or established concerns

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