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Computing at Brunel ranks 8th in England out of computing courses across the country for Social Mobility

Brunel ranks 6th for Social Mobility

The Sutton Trust published a report titled ‘Universities and Social Mobility’ with the Institute for Fiscal Studies. This report explores how social mobility varies by university, subject and individual courses. 

We are elated to learn that Brunel University London as a whole was ranked 6th for Social Mobility. Computer Science Lecturer, Dr. Alessandro Pandini has looked in to the data by subject level in more detail. His findings show very positive outcomes for students of the Computer Science Department at Brunel. 

Social mobility is calculated in this research as a function of percentage of disadvantaged students (based on eligibility to free school meals) and percentage who earn in the top 20% of incomes at age 30. Computing does well on this metric in general and at Brunel it has the highest social mobility score of any subject.

Computing at Brunel is ranked 18th in England for social mobility (out of all subject courses) and is ranked 8th in England out of computing courses.
We are proud to be part of an organisation that helps disadvantaged students succeed and we will only strive to do more.

Explore the data here: Universities and Social Mobility: Data Explorer - Sutton Trust