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Derek Groen from Brunel Computer Science receives grant to quantify uncertainty in supercomputer simulations


Dr. Derek Groen from Brunel Computer Science Department has been awarded €429,000 (part of a €4 000,000 Horizon 2020 Project led by University College London) to investigate the verification, validation and uncertainty quantification of computer simulations using large supercomputers. The VECMA (Verified Exascale Computing for Multiscale Applications) project focuses specifically on quantifying uncertainty for so-called multiscale applications. These applications combine computer simulations of microscopic systems with those of macroscopic systems to deliver detailed answers to pressing research questions. The project is expected to run from June 2018 for three years, providing a seamless follow-up to the ongoing ComPat project (Compat Project).

 Dr. Derek Groen & Diana Suleimenova from Brunel will lead the development of the VECMA toolkit which will provide shorthand building blocks to more easily perform validation, verification and uncertainty quantification for large simulations. In addition, Brunel will create a verified multiscale simulation of forced migration using this toolkit, adding more depth to their previous work on refugee modelling (Nature Article).