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Professor Martin Shepperd has been awarded the prestigious 2022 Tage Erlander Research Professorship

Professor Martin Shepperd has recently been awarded the 2022 Tage Erlander Research Professorship* by the Swedish Research Council. This is an annual international award in any STEM subject to enable the holder to visit and collaborate with Swedish researchers. This is the first time in its history of 40 years that the award has gone to a computer scientist. An incredible feat for Professor Martin Shepperd and the Department of Computer Science at Brunel!

Professor Shepperd will be working with a number of universities including Chalmers, Lund, KTH and Linköping. He will be based at the University of Gothenburg.

Congratulations and best wishes to Professor Shepperd as he begins his new research activities!

*The award is named after Tage Erlander, the Swedish prime minister from 1946-1969.