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Brunel's Film & TV and Theatre departments have a new Social Media Officer - Elise Marra.


Brunel’s Film & TV and Theatre departments have a new Social Media Officer - Elise Marra. Elise is a second year student studying Film Production and Theatre in a joint degree. Here she tells us about herself and her launch of two new student-focused Instagram feeds, @bruneltheatre and @bruneluniftv.

My mission is to make Brunel’s social media platforms a place where Brunel students can promote their work, interact with other students, and learn about events going on here at Brunel! This comes in many different forms :

1) Weekly News Articles : News articles are posted every Thursday and are there to highlight students and their activities and achievements. In the past this has been to talk about work experience, study abroad as part of Brunel’s Mobility Initiative, and news of short films student have made and which are doing well at festivals. But this can be open to so much more. If you have something you think we should hear about, send a direct message on Instagram @bruneluniftv. Articles are also posted weekly on Brunel’s website on the Film and TV’s news pages (

2) Crew and Casting Calls : As Brunel film students you’ll be required to shoot multiple short films for classes, or you might want to make a film outside of school. Finding cast and crew can be hard and we want to use social media as a platform where students can find people for their films or apply to be a part of someone else’s film. To crew or cast your film through our platform simply DM@bruneluniftv on Instagram. We’ll post the necessary information so you can get in contact with other creatives and put your vision on screen.

3) Promote Brunel Events : You should also follow our pages to stay up to date with all the fun things happening at Brunel. You’ll find information about audition opportunities, performances, film festivals, and more, all happening right here on Brunel’s campus! Past examples include Arts at Artaud, holiday concerts, and the Arts Center’s Production of Sweeney Todd!

Finally, bit about me, I’m an international student from Detroit, USA. My favourite British TV shows are Peep Show, Come Dine With Me, and Killing Eve. I’ve been creating social media content at various companies for over three years. I’m so thrilled to be your social media officer and I look forward to creating an online-space where Brunel students can be celebrated.