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Work-Experience On-Set at Pinewood Studios

Aurora Marin and students
Film Production students have opportunities for a variety of work-experience as part of their degree course. Aurora Marin was one of a group of third years who recently spent time working on a live film set at London’s famous Pinewood Studios, home to the iconic James Bond filming stage and many other back-lot locations. Here is her own account of her time spent working on set. 


The 2-day shoot with Pinewood Studios was a very exciting experience that offered us an insight into what working on a set is like. We got to practice what we have learned at Brunel and I found the experience extremely insightful. 


Our first day of shooting the location was a church. We mostly helped with carrying the equipment from the cars to inside the shooting location. We also had a chance to observe, to see and understand how a professional film set worked.  On the second day we did different runner tasks, such as marking positions for actors. This involves putting gaffer tape on the floor to mark the actors’ positions agreed in rehearsals, so that the actors know exactly where they have to stand for that shot.  Or doing the board, as they called it. Clapping the clapper-board at the start of every take, making sure that the right scene and right take was noted on the board.  


The First AD and the Cinematographer spent time explaining to us different things regarding how to prepare for the shoot. They talked about the lighting, the camera positioning, etc. 


Another thing I liked was the fact that we were able to join the director and see the shoot from his point of view. 


Aurora Marin


Link to Pinewood:

Thumbnail photoraph credit to Pinewood Studios.