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Brunel students and Initiatives of Change partner to host an intergenerational dialogue event, as part of UK flagship programme


Initiatives of Change (IofC) UK’s Sustainable Communities Programme is partnering with Brunel University London Global Challenges students to host a creative and educational intergenerational dialogue event in Hackney next year.

We are very proud that four passionate Brunel Undergraduate students; Karl, Nuradean, Alexis and Giacomo have committed to working closely with the Sustainable Communities Programme for the next four months. The third-year students will develop an innovative business plan and deliver a dialogue event in Hackney, to tackle intergenerational conflict as part of IofC UK’s flagship programme. This inspiring and timely collaboration comes as the world continues to grapple with the ongoing conflicts, threats and deep divisions in the world.

Our BASc Global Challenges course is the first of its kind in the UK and this partnership highlights the importance of global innovation in the modern world and the future generation. Amina Khalid, Head of Sustainable Communities, Initiatives of Change UK, commented: “We are so delighted to be working with one of the top universities in the country, and it’s very refreshing to see that this new and much needed BASc degree provides and prepares students to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our world”.

The student’s engagement with the Initiatives of Change programme will give them a deeper understanding of the reality facing UK communities as well as becoming key stakeholders in the programme. Nuradean, 22, on the Security pathway of the course said: “Born and raised in Brent, North West London, I saw a lot of society’s ills on my doorstep. Inequality, homelessness and poverty were all problems plaguing my area from the early 2000s.”

Karl, 22, on the Social Cohesion pathway said, “This pathway has been vital in supporting my exploration of the insidious formation of societal challenges. I have chosen to work with the IofC as it poses to be a valuable and exciting first opportunity to work with a hands-on approach in tackling some of the challenges that lie between generations and communities within Hackney”.

The Brunel Global Challenges course allows students to tap into the expertise of several departments from across the university. The core ‘spine’ of the four specially-curated pathways of; Global Innovation, Planetary Health, Security and Social Cohesion, are focused on building specialist knowledge and challenge students to think differently about humanity's relationship with the contemporary world.

Find out more at our next Undergraduate Open Day on Wednesday 8 December.