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Connecting to our network

Your Brunel Network Account will provide you with access to your email account, our network, Microsoft applications, our virtual learning platform Blackboard and a range of softwares used for online learning.

Once you have registered online, you can set up your network account via eVision under 'myTasks' which consist of a username and password.

Once you have completed your online registration, you need to complete the 'Your network account' registration so you can create your username through eVision under the 'myTasks' section. 

To log on to your Office 365 email account, go to Office 365 Webmail and enter your Office 365 username and password. Your username will be your student number e.g. Your password is your Brunel Network account password.

Please use your video below for more guidance on logging into your email account.

You can register your devices such as phones, laptops and tablets to our Connect Portal, this means Wi-Fi will be easier and quicker to log into once you arrive on campus to move into your halls or attend classes. You can sign into the portal using your Brunel Network username and password, please follow our video below for more guidance on registering your device.

You need to register all your devices (computers, consoles, mobile devices) to our Connect Portal to access Wifi and ResNet (the wired connection in halls of residences) when you arrive on campus. To turn on ResNet in your room, you need to be booked into a campus room.

If you have any problems with setting up your network, email or registering your devices please send us a message via the Connect Portal under the ‘Help’ tab, email or call us on 01895 265888

We have a range of online learning tools that will support and guide your learning at Brunel.  To find view our guides on using these tools you can log-in to the Student Intranet and select Tools from the drop-down menu. You'll have access to Brightspace for all of your learning.