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50 years of Brunel Law School – on Graduation Day


It was double celebration for Brunel Law School on Wednesday. Not only was it graduation day for its students – it also marked a half century since the creation of the Law School in 1969.

To mark the occasion, the Law School formally launched their inspirational alumni portraits exhibition celebrating 2019 as the 50th year of the Law School, and its student successes, at Brunel University London.

The exhibition was designed to commemorate the landmark event in the history of the School by representing the rich and diverse background of its student community through portraits and profiles of alumni who have made notable achievements.

Six alumni were chosen to be featured in the exhibition from the thousands of former students who have gone on to successful professional careers and/or have achieved prominence in the public eye.

To continue to celebrate alumni successes, the exhibition in the Elliott Jaques building will be updated annually with new portraits to showcase the talents of Law School graduates. 

Arad Reisberg, Head of School, delighted by the celebration, said:

“We hope this serves as an incentive to encourage our current students to take advantage of everything that Brunel Law School has to offer, so that they too can go on to accomplish great achievements in their desired field of expertise. Thank you to our all our alumni, and to those who attended: Shailesh Vera, MP Shobana Iyer, Khalia D. Newell, for all that they give our current students – in words, in action and in being role models of what can be achieved.”

Photo: alumni from left to right: Tony Coyne, Shailesh Vara MP (partially hidden) and Khalia D. Newell. Top right: Professor Arad Reisberg, Head of School, with alumni David Rosen and Shobana Iyer.