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Dr Lau and Dr Praštalo Articles Published in SCOPUS-Indexed Journals

Dr Boris Praštalo (Lecturer in Commercial Law) had his article published in a SCOPUS-indexed journal Union University Law School Review that he co-authored with Dr Wasiq Abass Dar (Associate Professor at Jindal Global Law School).

The article is titled “The Investor-State Arbitration Legitimacy Crisis: Could AI Be Its Future Savior or Resurrector?”, and it “explores whether AI could be used to remedy some of the burning issues in the investor-state dispute settlement system, which have culminated in its ‘existential crisis’.” 

Dr Pin Lean Lau (Lecturer in Bio Law) also had her article published in BioTech, a SCOPUS-indexed journal. The article is titled “Evolved Eugenics and Reinforcement of 'Othering': Renewed Ethico-Legal Perspectives of Genome Editing in Reproduction”, and it delves into “renewed ethico-legal perspectives of genome editing technologies, examined from an evolved conceptualization of eugenics in contemporary human reproduction.”