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New Law School appointment to boost student employability

Hayeligh Bosher

The Brunel Law School is pleased to announce the appointment of Hayleigh Bosher as Associate Dean (Professional Development and Graduate Outcomes).

In her new role, Hayleigh will support the Vice Dean for Education, Deputy Dean (Academic Affairs) and staff of the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences (CBASS) to provide ongoing enhancements in the education portfolio, graduate outcomes and professional development.

This will involve monitoring graduate outcome performance data and other evidence to identify priority areas for action, providing guidance in curriculum design and delivery in relation to professional development and graduate outcomes, and working with key stakeholders to enhance the College’s relationships with external stakeholders and alumni. Hayleigh will encourage and disseminate innovative practice both within the College and across the University and will work closely with Brunel’s Professional Development Centre, our award-winning careers and placement team.

Students are facing ever-growing challenges in the competitive employment market, and, therefore, employability is of great importance to universities. It is widely recognised that experiential learning, in the classroom and through extracurricular community engagement, enhances graduate employability. Therefore, integrating this into our teaching delivery, as well as through professional development activities, is of vital importance to our students looking to further their career opportunities. Hayleigh has previously contributed to student development aimed at improving employability in the Law School by setting up the IP Pro Bono Service, which received a CBASS Teaching Award in 2019. One of Hayleigh's initial actions in her role has been to set-up the CBASS Strategic Committee which acts as a forum for engaging about student professional development and employability.