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Politics course, open to Law students, wins backing from Parliament



Brunel’s politics department today gets the parliamentary seal of approval to run an in-depth course teaching students how Parliament works.

The Parliamentary Studies module is the only university course formally approved by the Houses of Parliament and Brunel is among 24 UK universities hand-picked to run it.

Students on politics, history and law degrees can learn about Parliamentary procedures, what committees are for, what MPs and Lords do, how bills get passed and more.

“With UK parliament at the heart of the Brexit process, we see, now more than ever just how integral parliament is to our politics and how complex its internal operations are,” said Dr Varun Uberoi, who teaches the module.

About 70 Brunel students have studied it since 2015. Students meet parliamentary officials, learn to apply their writing skills to drafting a submission for a parliamentary Select Committee and build their job prospects.”

“I am very excited that Brunel has been chosen for a second time to be part of a select group of universities to run this module,” said Dr Uberoi.

Professor Justin Fisher, who also teaches the course said: “The module really benefits Brunel students. It offers them an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of one of Britain’s most important political institutions. Previous students have said how much the module helped them to cultivate all important transferable skills that were crucial in their careers.”  

Find out more about the Parliamentary Studies module and see what Brunel Politics offers

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