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Trust in the Establishment: A Crisis of Confidence?

On Wednesday 21st February, Brunel University London held a public lecture on Trust in the Establishment: A Crisis of Confidence? 

Chaired by Law Professor Abimbo Olowofoyeku, the lecture focused on the crisis of confidence in governments, businesses, NGOs, media organisations and educational establishments, asking in who do we place our trust?

Public Lecture - Prof Abimbo Olowofoyeku

Head of Law Arad Reisberg took part in the public lecture, and suggested that while the level of trust in institutions has declined markedly in recent years, we are happy to let strangers stay in our homes with Airbnb, and to share a car with strangers by using Uber. 

Public Lecture - Arad Resiberg 01

Also taking part in the lecture were Director of Research Centre for Youth Work Study Dr Pam Alldred, who discussed the situation of sexual violence in supposedly safe institutions, and Creative Writing's Research Lead Professor Bernardine Evaristo who spoke about the illusionary nature of inclusion, and probed what happens when the establishment perpetuates its own interested to the exclusion of others.

The three talks were followed by a Q&A session with the speakers, which lasted around 25 minutes and opened up further discussion with some excellent questions posed to the panel.