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16th Brunel-Bielefeld Workshop on Random Matrix Theory and Applications

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The 16th Brunel-Bielefeld Workshop on Random Matrix Theory (RMT) and its Applications is taking place online from 18 to 19 December 2020, with Brunel as the virtual host. This annual international series of workshops is organised by the Department of Mathematics at Brunel every year since 2005, and jointly on a two-year rotation schedule with Bielefeld University (Germany) since 2011. This year’s event is partially supported via SFB1283 programme (Bielefeld, Germany) and by a grant from the London Mathematical Society (London, UK).

The workshop brings together an international group of mathematicians and physicists who work in the vibrant field of the RMT and its applications, including traditional ones in quantum and statistical mechanics as well as novel applications that have recently emerged in machine learning, big data, and complex networks, with the aim to provide a representative survey of key recent achievements in these areas. Over 100 participants from around the globe have already registered to take part in this year’s online event, including such distant places as USA, Korea, India, and Australia.

The program consists of 12 invited online talks and 17 contributed posters, focusing on recent developments in several active RMT research directions. In particular, it will feature asymptotic analysis of matrix models and the RH problem (B Fahs, A Kuijlaars, A Minakov), analysis of random band and structured matrices (M Shcherbina, T Bothner), symmetric function theory with new insights for number theory (J Keating). It will also discuss applications of RMT to 2D diffusion problems, the matrix Brownian motion and random walks (G Schehr, C Texier), combinatorial problems and multiplicative chaos (T Grava, N Simm), new links between gauge theory and statistical learning (M Tierz) as well as emergent applications of nonlinear matrix models to neural networks and machine learning (S Peche). Two virtual poster sessions, each featuring ‘live’ preview talks by the poster presenters, will complement the main program. The goal is to facilitate the exchange of ideas at the forefront of these areas and to give further impetus to UK research in these exciting and promising directions, especially in applications.

For further details and available materials, please visit the workshop webpage