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Understanding your Customer


Understanding who your customer is vital to ensuring your business operates as efficiently and profitably as possible, but with customer behaviour being so fluid – especially just now - remaining valuable to customers’ needs to be a regular focus.

Join this session as we explore the different ways you can focus on the problem you solve for your customer, ensuring that what you’re investing precious time and resource into is going to keep them coming back, as you adapt with them.

We’ll talk about the why’s, the where’s and the how’s of Customer Discovery so that you come away with a solid understanding of what your next steps and techniques will be to continue to serve your customers.

The Agenda What is Customer Discovery Solving Customer needs creatively Customer Personas Customer Validation Techniques Q&A This is an interactive session consisting of breakout rooms and exercises.

There will be an opportunity to network and be part of a peer to peer support group led by Co-Innovate Innovation Directors and industry experts.