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Bringing a Business Idea to Life as a Non-Technical Entrepreneur

Bring your entrepreneurial journey to life with insights about how software can make your start-up a thriving success.

Join us for this talk to hear from an alumnus, Yommy Ojo on the topic of how to solve market problems using an app.

Yommy has 5 years+ experience driving growth in start-ups and scaleups that can make a significant difference to a company's success and has been building apps for clients using drag-and-drop tools that allow you to build apps without writing a single line of code. Only 2% of the world are software developers and building apps is the most scalable way to grow your business.

Attend this live interactive session to see how easy it is to use drag-and-drop builders, communicate in English with powerful automation and create apps that look beautiful on any device. Yommy Ojo is a Brunel Alumnus, having graduated with a BSc in Financial Computing in 2008.

Everyone is welcome to attend this event provided by the Brunel Entrepreneurial Network, a community invested in supporting Brunel entrepreneurs and celebrating the successes and achievements of Brunel alumni.

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