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Extinction: Implications from Microbial to Planetary (ExIMP)

This one-day online ExIMP conference will present a platform for researchers and stakeholders to explore and discuss extinction from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

In the era of the Anthropocene, we are concerned with extinction at multiple levels – from microbial to planetary. How do we qualify the implications of extinction from social (e.g., security, livelihoods, community cohesion), ecological (climate, biodiversity, microbes), political (racial capitalism, decolonization), and cultural (arts, language, culture) perspectives?

Bringing into dialogue perspectives from law, life sciences, political and social theory, arts, architecture, literature, and social and environmental sciences, as well stakeholders and social actors, this conference will explore the root causes, drivers, and effects of extinction, and reframe extinction in the 21st century.

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