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Meet our new Artist in Residence, Valeria Perboni

Valeria Perboni our new Artist in Residence will lead this in-person workshop to introduce her residency in 202 to colleagues from across campus and initiate important conversations that will be the seeds from which the artistic side of this residency will grow.

There will be three main sections: first Valeria will introduce what synaesthesia is, why it is relevant to the Artist in Residency and to Brunel, and the concept of multisensory creativity and how this can become a tool for better and deeper engagement, communication and research.

Secondly, Nine Lyrae company will present the work that has already been done as part of the SYN (The Synaesthesia Room) research and development, this will be an immersive experience taking place within our 360 dome.

This will lead to the third part of the workshop which will effectively be its core: the experience of SYN will function as a catalyst to spark conversations around how we perceive reality, how we communicate it, and what role we play in this exchange of information, and more.