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The New Hydrogen Economy

In this online seminar, international experts explore contours of the emerging hydrogen economy.

The questions they address include:

Has hydrogen been over-hyped?
What role can ‘green’ hydrogen play in the energy transition?
Is ‘blue’ hydrogen really ‘green’?
What is the British government's hydrogen strategy: is it on the right track, and what can be learnt from other countries?

Each paper is followed by Q&A. Attendance is open to all.


Mark Jacobson, Director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University.

Franziska Müller, Assistant Professor of Climate Governance at Hamburg University.

Jan Rosenow, Director of European Programmes at the Regulatory Assistance Project, and Honorary Research Associate at Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute.

Tom Baxter, Senior Fellow in Chemical Engineering at Aberdeen University, founding member of the Hydrogen Science Coalition, and Chemical Engineering consultant.

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