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Bridging Lives

Bridging Lives converges community-led initiatives with academic research around the issues experienced by communities living with contaminated soils by numerous historical and more recent economic activities.

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For this first public phasing event, ‘Bridging Lives’ showcases the recent outputs of the phytomining-related research and engagement projects

(e.g., PHYONA and GROM, etc.) carried out by the Brunel team in collaboration with CASH, a Southall based community led organisation, and artists and citizens from and around Salford.

Through a visual and audio journey, ‘Bridging Lives’ examines narratives and local contexts of two communities, Southall and Salford, currently living in or near by contaminated soil, by providing a story-rich discussion platform that accents different approaches to resulting issues and differing political responses.

Research performed in the area will complement citizens’ experiences providing evidence to spark conversations about possible alternative actions and solutions placed under the spotlight of this exhibition.

Join us for a special public opening on Saturday March 18th, from 11am to 1pm or come and experience ‘Bridging Lives’ between Friday, March 17th and Saturday, March 25th from 10am to 4pm.

Bridging lives will be displayed at ETC (Experimental Technique Centre) at Brunel University London

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