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Brunel declares a climate change emergency


Brunel University London has declared a climate change emergency, and has re-stated its commitment to research to support sustainability and tackling global challenges. 

Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Julia Buckingham CBE signed international accords with the full support of senior leadership from the university and from the Union of Brunel Students. 

Brunel joins organisations worldwide in signing the accords and stating their commitment, including others across the UK's higher education sector. The sector body Universities UK – of which Prof Buckingham is the President, and Brunel a member – is working with further education sector bodies on the Climate Commission for UK University and College Students and Leaders, with the aim being to create real impact and drive change. 

"The UK’s universities, at Brunel and across the country, are at the forefront of driving scientific understanding of the scale and speed of the climate emergency as well as using our research expertise to find solutions, technologies and identify the changes we all need to make," said Prof Buckingham. 

"Through our role educating the next generation, and recognising how young people have helped galvanise change, universities need to continue to seek innovative and inspirational actions to tackle climate change and embed sustainability education across the curriculum."

Brunel's research into technological, scientific, social and policy-based solutions to the global challenge of climate change encompasses experts from across the University, including the Institutes of Energy Futures; Environment, Health and Societies; and Materials and Manufacturing. And with innovative degree courses such as in Flood and Coastal Engineering and Global Challenges, Brunel students are gaining analytical and creative skills that will play a significant role in the future of our society. 

Brunel's declaration comes in the same month as that of Hillingdon Council, who have laid out their intentions for the London Borough of Hillingdon – and which Prof Buckingham welcomes and supports. 

"As a civic university, we take pride in our local community, and wholeheartedly support Hillingdon Council's commitment in order to protect its residents and our planet for generations to come," she said.

Reported by:

Joe Buchanunn, Media Relations
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