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'Memories to cherish': Indian triplets start their Brunel adventure

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The trio (from left) - Varsshaa, Sreyaa and Rithviik Srinivasan

‘Three’s a crowd,’ the old saying goes. But for one Indian family, sending their triplets half way round the world to study at Brunel University London was the clear choice.

“I chose Brunel because of its international community and closeness to London,” said computer science undergraduate Rithviik Srinivasan, the oldest of the trio by a whole minute, who joined Brunel alongside his two sisters Sreyaa and Varsshaa in September.

“I felt the campus and its surroundings had a very friendly vibe to it.”

Already no strangers to living abroad – all three spent 13 years in the Dubai prior to joining Brunel – the siblings were keen to find a British university which gave them an opportunity to explore their new country, whilst also embracing their history and heritage.

In Brunel, they said, they found a university that not only sat on London’s doorstep and offered a wide, interesting variety of courses, but also a university that prides itself on its vibrant, international community.

“I enjoy the environment at Brunel, first and foremost,” said digital design student Varsshaa, who’s so far signed up for a variety of societies, including the Tech Society, the Hindu Society and the Krishna Conscious Society.

“It has a very open and vibrant community with a lot of day-to-day activities, where we find a lot of people with different mindsets getting along well with each other, sharing experiences and memories.’

Rather than worry and encourage their brood to pick a university closer to home, the triplets said their parents had supported their decision to move abroad, hoping it would broaden their horizons and open them up to new experiences.

“Our parents are very supportive of our decisions and they’ve encouraged us to study abroad, as even they feel it would be good exposure for us,” said Sreyaa, who’s studying finance and accounting.

Whilst the move hasn’t been without its challenges – all three are having to get used to a routine which now includes cooking and cleaning for themselves – the trio say they have few regrets about their big move.

“I think my degree will provide me with a title and recognition to help me start my own design agency,” said Varsshaa.

“More than that, it will give me experience on what to do, and what not to do.”

Rithviik added: “The important thing though is that uni provides us with memories to cherish in the future.”

Interview by Marlena Bienia

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