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Orwell's son presents new journalism prize


George Orwell's son Richard Blair will hand over a new prize for brilliance in student journalism.

The career-building award honouring the legendary author is set aside for a third year Brunel University London student journalist.

Set to be presented at the university’s graduation ceremony in July, the inaugural Orwell Society Award for Brunel Student of the Year will get to shake hands with the iconic writer's son.

Mr Blair is patron of The Orwell Society, which has agreed to judge nominations from students graduating from this year’s Journalism BA.

The idea to name the award in honour of Orwell came because of his links to the area. Orwell, whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair, was a teacher in nearby Hayes in the 1930s. He went on to pen some of the most famous novels of the 20th century, including Animal Farm and Ninety-Eighty-Four, but was also an accomplished essayist, journalist and critic.

“We wanted to introduce a new award that symbolises the very best values of journalism," said Brunel lecturer Steve Cohen. "George Orwell’s work stands, above all else, for truth, honesty and standing up to the establishment. 

“We could think of no better figure to represent the values we try to pass on to our students, and were thrilled when The Orwell Society and Richard Blair agreed to link up with us. We are looking to reward the person whose practical journalistic work embodies the spirit of what George Orwell set out to achieve throughout his short but incredible life.”

The winner, who'll pocket £100 cash, will be kept under wraps until it is handed out on 18 July.


image: The Orwell Society

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