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Psychology of couples book wins international praise


A book that delves into how much your partner’s personality rubs off on you has picked up a global award from The International Association for Relationship Research.

Personality and Close Relationship Processes, by Brunel psychology Senior Lecturer, Dr Stanley Gaines, is all about how partners influence each other’s thoughts, feelings or behaviours.

Many people don’t know how much the way they behave with their significant other reflects their psychological traits, values, attitude and even mood, it explains.

Winner of the 2018 IARR Book Award, Dr Gaines pulls together research and theory on personality and close relationships, said IARR Fellow Professor Anita Vangelisti. “It shows how the individual characteristics that partners bring to their relationships affect relationship processes and qualities.

“He skilfully weaves what we know about individual traits, attitudes and motivations together with two prominent relationship theories in a way that advances relationship science.”

"I was stunned and elated when I learned that my little book had received this huge award,” said Dr Gaines. “My goal was to address conceptual and empirical gaps within the literature on close relationships; having the International Association for Relationship Research  bestow an award upon the book exceeded my wildest dreams.”

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