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The British monarchy as a corporate brand


The recent royal wedding has generated renewed international interest in the British monarchy – and the 'monarchy as a corporate brand' notion, created by Professor John M T Balmer of the Brunel Business School alongside scholars from Harvard Business School and Lund University, Sweden.

In the week leading up to the royal wedding, the leading German quality weekly newspaper Die Zeit published an in-depth overview of the monarchy, which included input from Prof Balmer.

Drawing on his published output, the article noted how the monarchy, as with the papacy, is unquestionably a global brand. Prof Balmer also reflects how the image of Queen Elizabeth is, arguably, one of the most recognisable images known to mankind.

The full article, in German, is available online at zeit.de.

Prof Balmer and his collaborators Prof Greyser (Harvard Business School) and Dr Urde (Lund University, Sweden) are celebrated for their ground-breaking study of the Swedish monarchy where, over a two-year period, they were granted unprecedented access to the royal family of Sweden and senior figures within Sweden’s royal household. Prof Balmer subsequently published articles specifically on the British monarchy and on those Commonwealth realms which share the Queen as their sovereign.

Scholarship on the Crown as a corporate brand notion by Balmer, Greyser and Urde led to their formally introducing the corporate heritage brand notion in 2006 and, over the last decade, Prof Balmer has been closely associated with developments in the territory.

(Image: CC by flickr/uk_parliament, cropped)

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