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Dr Andrew Beatty

Dr Andrew Beatty
Senior Lecturer In Anthropology

Marie Jahoda 141

Research area(s)

  • Psychological and psychiatric anthropology
  • Emotion
  • Religion and ritual
  • Indonesia and Mexico
  • New approaches to ethnographic writing

Research Interests

Like many anthropologists who have worked in tribal societies, I started as a generalist, covering kinship, religion, ritual, and politics. Fieldwork in Java developed interests in Islam, syncretism, mysticism and tolerance. I also have a longstanding interest in emotion: what is it? does anthropology have any special contribution? how should we write about it?

Recent work has explored narrative ethnography and literary techniques of presentation within a broadly humanistic agenda. The aim is twofold: to render the flow of experience more precisely and to capture a wider audience for anthropology.

Research supervision

Ana Mourao: Space and identity in a migrant settlement in Lisbon

Adnan Khan: Pukhtun sorrows and joys, NW Pakistan

Research project(s) and grant(s)

Anthropology of emotion (Cambridge University Press)

‘After the Ancestors’, a narrative ethnography of Nias, Indonesia


British Academy (R30062) Emotion in two Indonesian societies£4000 March - May 2011 Andrew Beatty (PI)