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Dr Anna Tuckett
Lecturer in Anthropology

Marie Jahoda 154a


Tuckett, A. (2018) 'Rules, Paper, Status Migrants and Precarious Bureaucracy in Contemporary Italy'. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. ISSN 10: 150360649X ISSN 13: 9781503606494 Open Access Link


Tuckett, A. (2016) 'Moving on: Italy as a stepping stone in migrants’ imaginaries'. Focaal, 2016 (76). pp. 99 - 113. ISSN: 0920-1297 Open Access Link

Journal article

Tuckett, A. (2015) 'Strategies of Navigation: Migrants' Everyday Encounters with Italian Immigration Bureaucracy'. The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, 33 (1). pp. 113 - 128. ISSN: 0305-7674 Open Access Link

Journal article