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Research area(s)

Arts Therapies,Art psychotherapy, Mentalization, Parental Reflective Functioning, Fathers, Paternal Mentalization, Parental Representations, Attachment, Embodiment, Resilience, Creativity, Qualitative Methodology, Trauma and Displacement, Focus Groups

Research Interests

My current academic interests can be divided into three main research areas: 1. Parental (and specifically – paternal) mentalization within the context of art therapy interventions 2. Creativity and mentalization among primary-school aged children. 3. Parent-child workshops, open studio settings and trauma-informed art therapy settings for refugee and immigrant children. My sense of the interrelatedness of fine art, social science, art therapy and neuroscience, and the creative prospects and challenges thus engendered, strongly attracts me to opportunities for interdisciplinary research and collaboration, which lie at the core of the research I would like to conduct in the future.