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Dr Christian Heitsch
Senior Lecturer in Law


Christian Heitsch joined Brunel in 2008, having previously worked in private practice and higher education in Germany and the U.S. He still takes pride in having helped successfully challenge the planning permission for the Muelheim-Kaerlich nuclear power plant in Germany and lobby the U.S. Export-Import-Bank against providing guarantees for the export of reactor technology for the Temelin nuke in the Czech Republic. He has made submissions / responses to consultations to the UK Parliament, the European Parliament and the European Commission. As part-time advisor with a German law firm, he recently prepared a submission to an international supervisory body – the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee –, alleging that German environmental law is incompatible with the Aarhus Convention about public participation and access to justice in environmental matters. He teaches Public, European Union and Environmental Law, making a point of using ‘stop-press’ recently decided cases and current events to illustrate the legal principles. His research focusses on Human Rights and Environmental Law. He is a member of the Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies (BCISS).


Extraordinary Professor (Trier, 2007); Habilitation / Venia Legendi (Trier, 2000); Bar Exam / Second Exam (Munich, 1994); LLD (Regensburg, 1992); Law degree / First Exam (Regensburg, 1989); FHEA (2011)


Division Lead, Private and Commercial Law

Newest selected publications

Heitsch, C. (2017) 'Unity and Diversity in Air Quality Law: Germany and the UK compared'.'The Diverse Unities of Law'. Dublin. [unpublished]

Conference paper

Heitsch, C. (2016) 'Brexit Scenarios and environmental policy: likely loss of UK influence and ambition', in Reisberg, A. and Giannoulopoulos, D. (eds.) Brexit: Opportunities, Challenges and the Road Ahead - Britain in Europe Policy Report. London : Britain in Europe Thinktank, Brunel University London. pp. 85 - 91.Open Access Link

Book chapter

Heitsch, C. (2012) 'Promoting Equity, Safeguarding Ecological Sustainability, and Building Energy Resilience: A case for reorienting sustainable development in view of new and emerging challenges', inDynamik und Nachhaltigkeit des Oeffentlichen Rechts, Festschrift fuer Meinhard Schroeder zum 70. Geburtstag Duncker & Humblot. Berlin : Duncker & Humblot. , 1215. pp. 547 - 566. ISBN 13: 978-3-428-13822-7.

Book chapter

Heitsch, C. (2011) 'Constitutional Implications of EU Multi-level Water Governance: A View from Germany'.Multi-level governance in the wider Europe: taking 'governance' seriously. Cardiff University, Law School. 7 - 8 July. [unpublished]

Conference paper

Heitsch, C. (2010) 'Subsidiarity and transposition of EU legislation by sub-state legislatures: The German Laender’s Perspective'.2010 Wales Governance Centre Conference. Cardiff. 16 - 17 September. [unpublished]

Conference paper
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