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Dr Daniel Low
Senior Lecturer in Sports, Health and Exercise Sciences

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Daniel Low joined the Division of Sports, Health and Exercise Sciences at Brunel University London in 2019. He is a Brunel University graduate, completing the Sports Science degree in 2004. He then completed an MSc and PhD in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Exeter, whereby his Masters and Doctorate theses focused on the effect of different playing surfaces and footwear on lower extremity biomechanics of football (soccer) players.

He has a continued research interest in the effects of sports playing surface and footwear on the body, as well as the biomechanical mechanisms behind balance and the effect that exercise, anxiety and ageing has on our ability to remain upright.

During his time as a lecturer at Aberystwyth University, Daniel supervised many undergraduate and post-graduate students including those studying for a PhD; he has also externally and internally examined research students theses. He also regularly reviews for national and international academic journals.

Daniel is a Senior Fellow of the HEA and is accredited by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science for his pedagogical work; he has also developed a number of degree programmes relating to sport and exercise science and biology.

Daniel is a member of staff in the Division of Sport, Health and Exercise SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences and a member of the Centre for Human Performance, Exercise and Rehabilitation


BSc Sport Science - Brunel University 

MSc Sport and Exercise Science - University of Exeter

PhD Sport and Exercise Science (Biomechanics) - University of Exeter

PGCE Post-compulsory Education - Huddersfield University 

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 

Newest selected publications

Low, DC. and Walsh, GS. (2023) 'The minimal important change for measures of balance and postural control in older adults: A systematic review'. Age and Ageing, 51 (12). pp. 1 - 10. ISSN: 0002-0729 Open Access Link

Journal article

Arkesteijn, M. and Low, D. (2022) 'Responsiveness of functional assessments to monitor change in balance, walking speed and strength of older adults: A systematic review of the minimal detectable change.'.British Association of Sport and Exercise Science Annual Conference. Leicester, UK. 11 - 16 November. Informa UK Limited. pp. 5 - 5. ISSN: 0264-0414 Open Access Link

Conference paper

Taylor, ANW., Low, DC., Walsh, GS. and Holt, N. (2022) 'The impact of anxiety on postural control: CO2 challenge model'. Psychophysiology, 0 (3). pp. 1 - 11. ISSN: 0048-5772 Open Access Link

Journal article

DeLuca, M., Low, D., Kumari, V., Parton, A., Davis, J. and Mohagheghi, AA. (2022) 'A systematic review with meta-analysis of the StartReact effect on motor responses in stroke survivors and healthy individuals'. Journal of Neurophysiology, 127 (4). pp. 938 - 945. ISSN: 0022-3077 Open Access Link

Journal article

Arkesteijn, M., Jones, R. and Low, DC. (2021) 'The effect of walking and stationary work on the acute back pain, muscle activation, posture and postural control of older women'. Ergonomics, 65 (6). pp. 866 - 876. ISSN: 0014-0139 Open Access Link

Journal article
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