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Electrotaxis as a potential cancer treatment is a rapidly expanding research area combining cancer biology and biomechanics, comprising of research in cancer cell reorientation and migration under the influence of direct current Electrical Fields (dcEFs). Previous studies presented evidence for the modification of cancer cell proliferation and migration in solid tumours and motile cells to potentially create new forms of therapy and diagnosis. Whilst the underlying concept has much potential, insufficient research has been obtained thus far.

As an ambitious individual with past experience in cancer research throughout the concatenation of my academic and professional background, the 3 year PhD I undertake at Brunel university will be an advanced investigation to that of my MSc project regarding breast cancer, and that of my research volunteering work regarding lung cancer.

Academic Qualifications:

  • MSc Biomedical Genetics and Tissue Engineering - Brunel University, 2018-19
  • BSc Pharmaceutical Sciences - Kingston university, 2014-17

Professional Background:

  • Research Volunteer - Brunel University, 2019-20
  • Research Associate - Autolus Ltd., a biopharma company generating T cell cancer therapies, 2017-18