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Dr Nenad Djordjevic

Dr Nenad Djordjevic
Senior Lecturer in Structural Integrity

Howell Building 107


Dr Nenad Djordjevic joined the Applied Mechanics and Astronautics Department at Cranfield University in February 2007, where he obtained his PhD in Modelling of Inelastic Behaviour of Orthotropic Materials under Dynamic Loading Including High Velocity Impact in 2011. Having worked in the Applied Mechanics and Astronautics Department of Cranfield University for over five years, he joined Brunel and NSIRC where he is now a Lecturer in Structural Integrity.


Dr Nenad Djordjevic conducts the research on constitutive models and numerical methods development for simulation of a range of dynamic and impact problems, including research work on the Horizon 2020 project EXTREME and also contributes to delivery of MSc in Structural Integrity programme at NSIRC.

Newest selected publications

Vignjevic, R., Djordjevic, N., Gemkow, S., De Vuyst, T. and Campbell, J. (2014) 'SPH as a nonlocal regularisation method: Solution for instabilities due to strain-softening'. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 277. pp. 281 - 304. ISSN: 0045-7825 Open Access Link

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