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Dr Ebad Bagherpour Jahromi
Research Fellow - Recovery of used metals


Dr Bagherpour works at BCAST as the principal researcher of the UKRI Interdisciplinary Centre for Circular Metal, where he leads a project to lay down a scientific foundation and a technological basis for a global health service system for metallic components (MHS). The aim of the project is to lead to an order of magnitude increase in the service life of metallic components, helping to reducing demand tonnages and significantly reduce mining for primary metals. The larger aim is for the UK to become the first country in the world to realise full metal circulation by 2050.

He joined BCAST in 2018 as a research fellow supporting a collaborative R&D project co-funded by the UK government through their Advanced Propulsion Centre and industrial partners (RACEForm project). The aim of this project was to develop a hot forming capability for aluminium automotive body sheets. Dr Bagherpour was responsible for setting up and evaluating the joining capabilities of hot-formed sheets to other components like castings and extrusions and steel components using mechanical joining equipment such as self-piercing riveting.Following on from the successful completion of the RACEForm project at the end of April 2020, Dr Bagherpour started to work on the Horizon 2020 funded LEVEL-UP project. This EU-funded project with thirty-two partners was aimed to have a major impact on European manufacturing industry by increasing material and re-source efficiency, increasing equipment reliability and increasing profitability. Dr Bagherpour was mainly involved with in-situ repair technologies for large scale components using an advanced method of electro-pulse treatment (EPT) to heal fatigue cracked components. He designed and had constructed equipment to demonstrate that EPT could be used to heal small to medium size cracks in steel components without any detrimental effect on the microstructure or mechanical properties of the treated components. His work made a major contribution to the success of this project and provided the basis for major future projects at Brunel.

He has a strong background in being involved in editorial activities in different journals and effective activities in scientific societies. He has been frequently invited to review manuscripts for over fifteen Elsevier, Springer, MDPI journals in the field of materials science, metallurgy, and mechanical engineering. He is the editor of “Cambridge Scholar Publication” and the journals of “Modern Materials Science and Technology” and ““Engineering and Solid Mechanics”. He is a member of  “The Elsevier Advisory Panel” where he is  interacting with the Elsevier team on different research topics by participating in interviews, surveys, online discussions or face-to-face meetings. In May 2020, Dr Bagherpour started his collaboration with “Crystals” (a peer-reviewed journal published monthly online by MDPI) as a Guest Editor. Since then, he has successfully organized and published two special issues, "Strain Reversal in Metals and Alloys: Origins and Consequences" and “Characterization and Modelling of the Deformation and Failure of Engineering Metallic Materials”. Following on the successful publishing of these two special issues, in June 2022, he accepted to be a “Topical Advisory Member” of Crystal where he advises them to find relevant topics and potential guest editors for future special issues on metallic materials.  From March 2021, He is a Professional Member (MIMMM) of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

Newest selected publications

Rifai, M., Mujamilah, M., Bagherpour, E. and Miyamoto, H. (2022) 'Effect of strain energy on corrosion behavior of ultrafine grained copper prepared by severe plastic deformation'. Journal of Mining and Metallurgy, Section B: Metallurgy, 58 (2). pp. 335 - 344. ISSN: 1450-5339 Open Access Link

Journal article

Bagherpour, E., Reihanian, M., Ebrahimi, R., Qods, F. and Miyamoto, H. (2020) 'Role of strain reversal in microstructure and texture of pure al during non-monotonic simple shear straining'. Crystals, 10 (10). pp. 1 - 15. ISSN: 2073-4352 Open Access Link

Journal article

Rezvani, A., Bagherpour, E. and Ebrahimi, R. (2020) 'Circular Simple Shear Extrusion as an Alternative to Simple Shear Extrusion Technique'. Iranian Journal of Science and Technology - Transactions of Mechanical Engineering, 44 (1). pp. 193 - 201. ISSN: 2228-6187

Journal article

Bagherpour, E., Mortezaei, S., Ebrahimi, R., Miyamoto, H. and Qods, F. (2019) 'On the Production of Severely Deformed Workpieces in Large Scales: A Step Towards Industrialization'. JOM, 71 (12). pp. 4424 - 4435. ISSN: 1047-4838 Open Access Link

Journal article
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