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Dr Ebony Reid
Lecturer in Criminology


Dr Ebony Reid is a Criminologist and Ethnographer specialising in research on street crime/violence in inner city London. She received her PhD from the Department of Clinical Sciences, Brunel University. Her thesis, ‘On road Culture’ in Context: Masculinities, religion, and ‘trapping’ in inner city London’ used ethnography to look beyond deterministic ‘gang’ narratives of urban men's biographies, towards an understanding that accords with participants’ own articulation of themselves as ‘trapped’.

Dr Reid has an active interest in developing new psychosocial understandings of urban criminality and street culture. Her recent article, published in the British Journal of Criminology, explores how traumatic childhood events alongside socioeconomic and cultural dynamics shape the psychology of urban drug dealers as they respond to existential suffering.

Dr Reid’s current research draws on deep ethnographic and media analysis to show how Islam has come to shape conceptions of the material, sacred, crime and redemption in contemporary UK street culture. She is also currently working with a top UK book publisher to turn the insights from her research into a popular sociological text aimed at a wide, global audience. 


PhD. Criminology, Brunel University 

MA, Brunel University 

BSc (Hons) Kingston University 

Newest selected publications

Reid, E. (2022) '‘Trap Life’: The psychosocial underpinnings of street crime in inner-city London'. The British Journal of Criminology, 0 (in press). pp. 168 - 183. ISSN: 0007-0955 Open Access Link

Journal article
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