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Dr Ellie Reed
Lecturer in English

Gaskell Building 138


Reed, E. (2023) 'Woman’s Weekly and Lower-Middle-Class Domestic Culture in Britain, 1918-1958: Making Homemakers'. Liverpool University Press.


Reed, E. (2021) '“For Those Who Enjoy an Interesting Piece of Knitting:” Handknitting and Handknits in British Domestic Magazines, 1910–1939'. The Journal of Dress History, 5 (2). pp. 48 - 79.Open Access Link

Journal article

Reed, E. (2020) '‘How To Acquire Culture’ by The Man Who Sees: The Middlebrow, Liberal Humanism, and Morally Superior Lower-Middle-Class Citizenship in Woman’s Weekly, 1938–1939', in Hubble, N., Seaber, L. and Taylor, E. (eds.) The 1930s: A Decade of Modern British Fiction. London : Bloomsbury Academic. pp. 207 - 238. ISBN 10: 1-350-07916-2. ISBN 13: 978-1-350-07914-4.

Book chapter

Reed, E. (2020) 'Romance in Woman’s Weekly and Woman’s Weekly as Romance, 1918–39'. Journal of European Periodical Studies, 5 (2). pp. 80 - 94.Open Access Link

Journal article

Reed, E. (2020) 'Lower-middle-class Domestic Leisure in Woman’s Weekly, 1930', in Kennedy, S. and Thomas, J. (eds.) British Women's Writing, 1930 to 1960: Between the Waves. Liverpool : Liverpool University Press. pp. 17 - 36. ISBN 10: 1-80034-130-X. ISBN 13: 978-1-78962-182-2.

Book chapter