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Dr Hannah Whittaker

Dr Hannah Whittaker

Marie Jahoda 225


After completing my MA in Imperial History at Durham University in 2006, I went on to work as a Graduate Attaché at the British Institute in Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. I assisted on a variety of archaeological and historical research projects across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan. I then went to SOAS where I completed my PhD in African History in June 2011. My doctoral research was funded by the AHRC, and I was also awarded the Martin Lynn Scholarship by the Royal Historical Society. I was a Senior Teaching Fellow at SOAS before joining Politics and History at Brunel University in September 2013.


  • PhD African History (SOAS)
  • MA Imperial History (Durham)
  • BA History (LSE)


I am currently the Director of Postgraduate Research for Politics and History

Newest selected publications

Whittaker, H. (2017) 'Mickie Mwanzia Koster The Power of the Oath: Mau Mau Nationalism in Kenya, 1952–1960 Rochester: University of Rochester Press, 2016, 262 pp. £55.00 hbk'. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 17 (2). pp. 310 - 312. ISSN: 1473-8481 Open Access Link

Journal article

Whittaker, H. (2017) 'Frontier security in North East Africa: conflict and colonial development on the margins, 1930-1960'. The Journal of African History, 58 (3). pp. 381 - 402. ISSN: 0021-8537 Open Access Link

Journal article

Whittaker, H. (2017) 'Little Mogadishu: Eastleigh, Nairobi's Global Somali Hub'. AFRICAN STUDIES REVIEW, 60 (2). pp. 234 - 236. ISSN: 0002-0206 Open Access Link

Journal article

Whittaker, H. and Hayer, H. (2016) 'Education, migration and national liberation: mapping the school days of the first Sudanese civil war, 1948-72', in Razy, E. and Rodet, M. (eds.) Children on the Move in Africa: Past and Present Experiences of Migration. James Currey. pp. 175 - 190.

Book chapter

Whittaker, H. (2015) 'Legacies of empire: state violence and collective punishment in Kenya's North Eastern Province, c. 1963-present'. The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 43 (4). pp. 641 - 657. ISSN: 1743-9329 Open Access Link

Journal article
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