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Research area(s)

Using Arts-based Research and Communication Theory Methodologies to Investigate Identity Politics of Iranian women arriving in a British Urban Society

Research Interests

I beleive Art based research is a methodology that uses art to enhance understanding of the complexities of the human condition through alternative processes and representational forms of inquiry. It aims to reach multiple audiences by making scholarship more accessible, and to make it more accessible to a wide range of audiences. In most every instance, a visual representation of the topic being discussed adds to the comprehension that is created by the individual.

Research project(s) and grant(s)

I am going to use a novel method. As human beings, we are drawn to art.  I will use art to understand the real feelings / by using an image-making process such as objects, Drawings and post cards / like the one that you can see on my slide which represents an Iranian women . I will give participants the opportunity to have an emotional connection and emotional responses to transition that means that they will provide me with information on events, relationships, roles and how they felt. I will analyse that information to understand the main issues raised during these transitions. Hopefully, with this research and its result, it can be applied in other transitional research and with further generations , not just now . We can use this opportunity to create a change for women.