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Mr John Aston
HP Lecturer - Brunel Business School

Eastern Gateway 202o


Nair, SLS., Aston, J. and Kozlovski, E. (2017) 'How 'organizational factors' outclass 'personal factors' in retaining Female Employees in Indian IT SMEs'. International Journal of Applied Business and Management Studies, 2 (1). pp. 26 - 36.Open Access Link

Journal article

Sghair, M. and Aston, JT. (2017) 'The Impact of Various Economic Factors in accessing Finance within the Business Sector: Cases from UK Financial Services Companies'. International Journal of Applied Business and Management Studies ., 2 (1). pp. 16 - 25. ISSN: 2548-0448 Open Access Link

Journal article

Almamy, J., Aston, JT. and Ngwa, LN. (2016) 'An evaluation of Altman's Z-score using cash flow ratio to predict corporate failure amid the recent financial crisis: Evidence from the UK'. Journal of Corporate Finance, 36. pp. 278 - 285. ISSN: 0929-1199

Journal article

Davies, M. and Aston, J. (2010) 'Auditing fundamentals'. Pearson Education Limited. ISSN 10: 0273711733 ISSN 13: 9780273711735