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I am a PhD part-time student, fourth year, and a member of the Centre for Culture and Evolution. My research focuses on inner wellbeing, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, mental health and cultural values. My samples are drawn from the UK and Greek population, mainly during COVID-19, using an online quantitative survey. I am an experienced educator, holding the AFHEA and currently working as a Student Academic Skills Adviser for ASK and as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Division of Psychology at Brunel University London.

I support the teaching in the following blocks in the Division of Psychology: PY1700 Research Methods, PY1701 Statistics, PY2706 Advanced Academic Skills for Psychology, PY2702/PY2603/PY3702/PY5605 (Advanced) Social Psychology, PY2802/PY3803 (Advanced) Issues in Social Psychology and Individual Differences, PY2606/PY5609 Qualitative Research Methods, and PY2801 Portfolio for Cognitive Neuroscience. I have also been a marker on the following blocks: PY1800 Portfolio for Research Methods and Statistic (Synoptic Lab Report, Term 1 and 2), PY1606 Learning and Social Psychology (1,500-word essay), and PY1801 Portfolio for Academic and Employability Skills in Psychology (10-minute oral presentation). 

I demonstrate a natural talent for engaging effectively with adult learners and show commitment to high standards of teaching practice, working collaboratively and sharing good practice with colleagues; inspiring confidence, and motivating learners to aspire to their highest possible achievement; working with students from a variety of backgrounds.