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Dr Patricia Hobbs
Senior Lecturer in Public International Law


Previous topics:

The right of political self-determination in international lawand the principle of non-interference (internal examiner)

The prosecution's duty of disclosure before international criminal tribunals (second supervisor)

The International Crimianl Court and universal jurisdiction (second supervisor)

Current supervision:

Detention in Lebanese prisons and the use of torture (principal supervisor)

Female terrorists and Pakistan (principal supervisor)

The International Criminal Court and the prosecution of terrorism (principal supervisor)

Research supervision

  • Ms Chang-Jung Yang: The Prosecution’s Duty of Disclosure before International Criminal Tribunals (completed in November 2014, second supervisor)
  • Mr Mohamed Radan: Universal Jurisdiction and the ICC (started in October 2016; second sipervisor)
  • Ms Wiam Assaf: How International Criminal Justice and Saudi Criminal Justice Work Together to Face Terrorism? (principal supervisor, due to start in October 2019)