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Dr Predrag Slijepcevic
Senior Lecturer & Bicgp/Research Co-Ordinator

Research supervision

Currently under supervision

  • Hemad Yasaei, started in October 2005. Project title: “The role of Artemis in genomic instability and telomere maintenance”.
  • Jayne Moquet (external student from Health Protection Agency) started in January 2005. Project title: “Mobile phone radiation effect on chromosomal aberrations in human cells”.


  • Hiu-Pak Wong, Thesis title: "DNA double strand break repair and telomere maintenance in immortalized mammalian cells". Defended in August 2004.
  • Erik Cabuy, PhD thesis title: Telomeres and telomerase in DNA damage response defective cells and brain tumours. Defended in March 2005.
  • Suliman Al-Wahiby, PhD thesis title: Molecular cytogenetic analysis of telomeres in cells with mutant BRCA1 and BRCA1 genes. Defended in December 2005.
  • Rhona Anderson (external student from MRC Harwell), PhD thesis title: Complex chromosome aberrations induced by densely ionizing radiation. Defended in December 2004.