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Dr Rachel Morgan

Dr Rachel Morgan
Lecturer in Human Resource Management – Organisational Behaviour

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Rachel (Beth) Morgan is a Lecturer in HRM-OB. Beth completed her PhD in Management at Brunel Business School, Brunel University London which looked at how those in tainted occupations manage disrespect. She has worked on a number of research projects broadly in the areas of gender, class, well-being and work. Proceeding her PhD, Beth has been collaborating on an impact case which has involved working with London councils with the aim to improve relations between members of the public and waste management workers. She has also worked as a Research Fellow in Gendered Excellence. For the past 6 years, Beth has been teaching on a variety of modules at Brunel Business School in HRM-OB and Marketing. In addition to her teaching activities, she is currently working on a number of ABS 4* publications with esteemed scholars.

Newest selected publications

Slutskaya, N., Game, A., Morgan, R. and Newton, T. (2022) 'When two worlds collide: The role of affect in ‘essential’ worker responses to shifting evaluative norms'. Sociology. ISSN: 0038-0385

Journal article

Simpson, R., Morgan, R., Lewis, P. and Rumens, N. (2022) 'Landscape and Work: ‘Placing’ the Experiences of Male Manual Workers in a UK Seaside Town'. Sociology, 0 (in press). pp. 003803852210813 - 003803852210813. ISSN: 0038-0385 Open Access Link

Journal article

Simpson, R., Morgan, R., Lewis, P. and Rumens, N. (2021) 'Living and Working on the Edge: ‘Place Precarity’ and the Experiences of Male Manual Workers in a UK Sea-side Town'. Population, Space and Place, 27 (8). pp. 1 - 13. ISSN: 1544-8444 Open Access Link

Journal article

Simpson, R. and Morgan, R. (2020) ''Gendering’ Contamination: Physical, Social and Moral taint in the Context of Covid-19'. Gender in Management: an international journal, 35 (7/8). pp. 685 - 691. ISSN: 1754-2413 Open Access Link

Journal article

Slutskaya, N., Morgan, R., Simpson, R. and Simpson, A. (2018) 'Does necessity shield work? The struggles of butchers and waste management workers for recognition.', in Thomson, S. and Grandy, G. (eds.) Stigmas, Work and Organizations. Palgrave Macmillan, New York. pp. 123 - 142. ISBN 13: 9781137575715.

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