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Mr Ryan Smith
Project Manager


I have a background in business development having worked with West London Business for 4 years and Barclays and Santander previous to that. Effectively managing relationships with large corporates in the West London Area. Currently working on bringing in more businesses to collaborate on student learning and also research. working with the likes of TATA, Microsoft, Hornby and Chelsea FC. My aim to offer real world learning experience with the potential to turn in to funded research projects. Currently my role also extends to work on Made in Brunel and actively promoting the event to businesses and helping to bring in industry support.


Effectively managing there schemes; Design Plus which is the Design Schools innovation service linking large corporates and international businesses with student learning. Businesses gain access to our vast knowledge base and students work on real world projects developing their learning and giving them essential experience working with businesses. Secondly is Design Factory London, Brunel is the first university in the UK to join a network of 31 University and research centres around the world focused on developing Design based learning. The scheme offers students from different disciplines multi-disciplinary learning working on real world problems and the chance to collaborate with students from University's all over the world. Creating a truly unique learning experience. Lastly working on Made in Brunel which is the Design departments industry show allowing businesses to see what Brunel students have to offer. Students present their innovation work which can look to solves a variety of industry problems.  My focus is on supporting them with industry links to get involved and potential sponsorship opportunities.